Our Short Term Residences provide the best value for your company.

Our locations & accommodations give thoughtful consideration to the unique needs of your employees.

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Lessors of Residential Buildings and Dwellings


Lessors of Other Real Estate Property


Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers


Residential Property Managers


All Other Travel Arrangement & Reservation Services


Hotels and Motels (except casino hotels)


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Our goal is to provide an exceptional place to work, relax, and entertain yourself, your colleagues, and your employees while away from home.

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Home Owners & Landlords

Guaranteed Rental Income

When leasing your property to us, you have guaranteed income for the duration of the lease, avoid the headache of tenants missing payments.

Less Wear & Tear

Your properties will be cleaned daily by our staff with decades of combined experience, leaving the home in better condition than before we moved in.

Time To Sell

If you decide to sell the home, you won't need to go through a painstaking process to schedule around anyone. Hoping that the home is vacated in time and eviction moratoriums are issues of the past when working with us.

Multiple Units? No Problem

We sign multi-year leases for 5-10 units at once. This saves you the cost and time of finding and collecting from multiple tenants.

No Costly Turnover

When the time comes to find a new tenant after your current tenant moves out it becomes a very costly expense for the following reasons:

1. Deep cleaning and re-painting.
2. Listing Fee / Realtor Commission
3. Multiple Month Vacancies


We utilize keyless entry everywhere we can to ensure sustainable security and convenience for all parties.

Why Us?

Industry Vets

We prioritize the importance of our relationships with property managers, landlords, and homeowners. These relationships are staked on trust to represent your properties in the best light possible.

This involves ensuring that it's kept in the best condition, and every guest staying with us being thoroughly screened.

Trust and safety

To ensure safe and habitable property conditions we have employed the use of security cameras at the door and entryway, noise and smoke detectors, and smart locks.

  • Exterior cameras are installed at the entrance of each unit monitoring 24/7, where occupancy limit is enforced.
  • Noise detectors are installed inside each home to send an alert to our local staff if the noise exceeds a certain dB level.
  • Smoke detectors monitor the home for safety.
  • Smart locks are installed on each door. New codes are generated for each guest, and rendered invalid at the end of their documented stay.

Discover our 3-step compliance protocol

Why does YStandard have a compliance protocol?

YStandard was founded on the principle of respect. As a mid-term rental company, we obtain leases in communities alongside other tenants as our neighbors. As a result, we only want to accommodate the best guests so our neighbors feel safe and secure. Additionally, our protocol decreases the risk of theft, damage, and/or criminal activity.

What is our 3-Step guest compliance protocol?

For all reservations, the following steps are observed:

1. Criminal Background Screening

2. Comprehensive Rental Agreement

3. Preventative Security System

Criminal background screening

This is the first compliance step that occurs when a potential guest requests to book with us.

The primary guest on all reservations, regardless of the booking platform, is screened for criminal background.

A guest must successfully pass all levels of the screening process or their reservation will be canceled.

How do we perform the screening?

Upon making a reservation, we automatically send an email requiring the guest(s) to verify their identity and submit their information for a criminal background screen.

The link provided takes them to our screening tool. The guest is then asked for necessary identifying information.

The criminal background report is sent securely to our team, where we analyze the results and make a decision based on our policies.

What is YStandard’s screening criteria?

No severe criminal convictions and sex offenses including but not limited to murder, terrorism, rape, assault, battery and child abuse. 

Our screening checks the OFAC list and public state and country criminal records as well as state and national sex offender registries. 

For lesser charges, our screening policy takes several factors into account, such as the severity of the charge, when the charge was placed, and the type of offense.

How is a criminal background screening performed when booked on other platforms?

All of our listings on Airbnb and VRBO require the guest to be ID-verified with a satisfactory background screening. Airbnb’s verification process checks multiple facets of a guest’s identity:

  • A guest’s first/last name and date of birth
  • For United States residents, certain databases of public state and county criminal records are checked, as well as state and national sex offender registries for criminal convictions and sex offender registrations. For a guest who lives outside the United States, to the extent permitted by applicable laws and to the extent available, they may obtain the local version of background or registered sex offender checks.

How is a criminal background screening performed when booked on other platforms? (cont’d)

  • Multiple FCRA-compliant vendors are used to conduct felony conviction checks, national sex offender searches as well as global sanctions reviews including OFAC and terrorist watch lists. These checks cover digitized criminal court records, department of correction records, wanted lists, global watchlist records, and all available state sex offender registries that exist online in the U.S. In addition, they also cover domestic and foreign watch lists and sanction lists, such as domestic and international fugitives, FBI lists (i.e., terrorism, most wanted, white-collar criminals), Interpol, politically exposed persons, U.S. Dept of Treasury lists, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) lists, and many others.

Sample Criminal Screenings

Please click the following links to view sample YStandard Screenings

Comprehensive Rental Agreement

This is the second compliance step that occurs when a potential guest requests to book. The primary guest on all reservations, regardless of the booking platform, must sign off on our agreement. The guest’s signature is legally binding with timestamps and IP address.

Preventative Security System

Our team employs several post-confirmation protocols to ensure safety of all community residents.

As standard, a Ring camera is placed near the front door visibility, and a Nest Camera for driveway (if applicable) surveillance. This allows us to enforce occupancy and behavioral rules.

Preventative Security System (cont'd)

Access to the home is controlled by smart locks, providing guests with a one-time code only valid for the duration of their reservation. A separate unique code and key is given to our Partners.

Noise and smoke monitors allow us to enforce our policies as outlined.